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A New Collaborative Platform to Evolve our Culture

with Art, Literature, Collectibles, Blockchain, and AI

In order to make ourselves and the world a better place, we must evolve our minds and our culture. Inspired by this realization, we set out to create Artchemy, a collaborative art and literature platform.

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"If you can dream it, you can do it."

- Walt Disney

A New Cultural Platform

Spark a Cultural Renaissance Among Your Friends

And Later The World!

Your cultural contributions are made real - into books and physical artworks. They're also tokenized collectibles on the blockchain. You earn while bringing clarity and beauty to human culture. Use AI for collaborative creativity, and make genuine friendships.

First it's us, then our friends, then our community. Then our city, then our country, and finally the world!

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."

- Steve Jobs

8 Ways to Earn

Real Contributions Create Real Value

Earn by Creating Proposals

When collectors create a proposal for a new artwork, they become the Proposal Leader of that artwork. If the artwork gets the minimum approval rating of 80% from other collectors, it gains minting approval from the Collector Council. Once this approval is acquired and the artwork minted, the proposal leader and his team get a part of the token supply, divided among them as per their own previously agreed allocations. The art team is then free to hold or sell their tokens, at their own individual discretion.

Earn by Funding Proposals

Coming SoonIf Proposal Leaders lack time or resources, or if they need a larger team, they may request funding in order to better research, sketch, and paint their proposals. Collectors may fund proposals and teams they believe in, becoming funders. In exchange for funding the artwork, funders get tokens at a discounted rate, which is the funders return, which is negotiated with the Proposal Leader. If the artwork acquires its minting license, funders get an exclusive 2 day window to sell these tokens before anyone else, called the funder's window.

Earn by Creating Sketches

Collectors at any level of skill can contribute sketches to any proposal in Artchemy. The value of the sketch may be found in the idea itself, or in the artistic quality. If the sketch is deemed useful by the proposal leader, they may grant the sketch creator a token allocation. Thus, the sketch creator becomes part of the art team. Proposal leaders are encouraged to reward as many sketches as possible, as guided by their own common sense. If a sketch presents a valuable original idea, we must reward it in order to keep those ideas coming, for this and for future artworks.

Earn by Creating Artworks

The final artwork requires a much higher level of skill and time than a sketch does. Proposal leaders shall find artists who can create the final artwork and persuade them to join them. These artists can be paid with tokens or with cash, it is up to them and their negotiations with proposal leaders. Theoretically, artists may earn more with tokens, in exchange for sharing risk with the proposal creator.

Earn by Doing Research

Artchemy Artworks are special because they contain a literary component. To make the best artworks of our time, we require large amounts of research, not just in terms of artistic options, but also in terms of the intellectual subject. Many books, papers, experts, etc., might need to be consulted, in order to make the best possible artwork for any given topic. The more information, the better the artwork can be. The proposal leader is entrusted with building and managing a high quality research team, reciprocating their research with cash or with a token allocation, or both.

Earn by Creating & Curating Collections

Coming SoonArtworks are bundled into collections. Each collection has a topic or theme, along with a goal it is trying to achieve, or a point it is trying to make. Proposal leaders may vouch their artwork in favor of only one collection, and when they do, the collection curator is awarded 1% of the token supply, called the curator's allocation. Feel free to learn more about Artchemy Collections and how they work.

Earn by Sharing & Advocating

We have a very special affiliate program. Each time a CCT token is sold for the first time, 12% can go to our affiliates when there is a referrer. You can become the lifetime referrer of new Artchemy users, and earn a part of the lifetime spend of that customer. We are also introducing the concept of the “Last Referrer”. Learn more about our lifetime referral rewards here. Besides the affiliate program, proposal leaders may reward you for sharing and advocating their proposal. Post in the comments of the proposal how you advocated for their proposal, provide evidence, and kindly request a token allocation.

Earn by Revenue Giveaways

Coming SoonEach time a Grand Print artwork is sold, Artchemy shall randomly give away half of the profit from that sale to token holders of that specific artwork. A large Grand Print would yield several hundred dollars of profit. Thus, Artchemy shall give back AGAIN to the community that made these artworks possible. Everything will be fully transparent using blockchain technology, and auditable by anyone. Joining these giveaways is open and free to anyone who contributes to Artchemy. The more tokens you hold, the more likely you will win the giveaways! Note: these revenue giveaways do not include any other Artchemy products or services, unless explicitly stated.

A New Social Network

We Came Up With Something Dramatically Different


Your attention is monetized, you are the product.


Your attention creates cultural artifacts, which are the products.


You are often left feeling worried, empty, depressed, reactive, lonely, anxious, envious, jealous, angry, and drained.


You often feel satisfaction, meaning, purpose, happiness, abundance, creativity, excitement, gratitude, camaraderie, and growth.


Content is mostly junk and meaningless. Most users don’t earn from their posts.


Content is valuable and meaningful. You can earn from your contributions.


Algorithms that foster human addiction, impatience, and impulsiveness.


Algorithms that foster human growth, patience, and consciousness.


What you post is soon buried by other posts, you have to relentlessly post to remain relevant and seen. This relentless posting lowers quality and duplicates content.


What you post is always “on top”, prominent in its own collection. Content is not duplicated or buried, it is elevated. This focus increases quality.


Sprays content at you like a hose, compulsively consume it all NOW, or miss out forever.


Respectfully and gracefully offers you the content, enjoy at your own pace, peacefully.


Usually an unproductive compulsion, you mostly waste your time.


Usually a more productive endeavor, either creating artworks or learning from them.


Fosters a culture of consumption that discards and forgets content shortly after it's seen.


Fosters a culture of creation that conserves and cherishes content, even collects it.


Some posts require seconds of effort to make. Fast food content. Content to entertain.


All posts require months of effort. Nutritious content. Content to reflect, inspire, and evolve.


Like and vote totals are manipulatable and potentially deceptive, via bots or otherwise.


Like and vote totals are fully auditable and transparent, limited to actual blockchain token holders.


Your content is confined to the digital realm.


Your content reaches real places in the physical world, via prints, books, merchandise, etc.


You post alone, you are divided.


You work and post as a team, you are united.


Fosters echo chambers. Influencers seek to influence others.


Fosters debate and study chambers. Philosophers seek beauty, truth, and growth.


No mechanisms to choose the best ideas and polish them. No quality checks, lack of editorial discipline.


Mechanisms exist to collaboratively choose the best ideas and polish them into their best forms. Content is rigorously curated in search of excellence.


Your posts will soon be forgotten.


Your artworks will endure beyond yourself.

A Positive Focus

Productive. Undivided. Meaningful. Uplifting. Beautiful.


Inspire/Nurture Individual Betterment


Inspire/Nurture Societal Betterment


Speak/Debate with Civility and Constructiveness

Want to learn more about our Editorial Policy, or its Rationale?

Cultural Alchemy

Pen and Brush United. Words of Wisdom Recited.

In this sacred haven, we unite,
Crafting art and tales so bright.
Enriching culture with every stroke and letter,
For our souls, and those of ages, to feel lighter and better.

In the twilight of uncertainty, our words will glow,
Wisdom's whispers guiding where to go.
With each phrase, a lantern in the night,
Casting clarity, making paths alight.

Our world, a canvas vast and wide,
Is painted by thoughts from every side.
Culture's mirror reflects our shared rhyme,
So let's shape it with art, transcending time.