Why Artchemy

1Printable / Manufacturable / Real

When you buy one of our NFTs, you have access to its printable high resolution file. You can use this file to order a print anywhere online, or you can leverage our expertise and have us manufacture one for you. With Artchemy, you can bring your NFTs to the real world.

Not ready to print yet? No worries. By holding our NFTs, you reserve the right to print it at any point in the future.

2Literature / Meaningful / Purposeful

Each piece in our collection has an underlying idea, expressed succinctly in an accompanying text. You are not only seeing something, you are also reading something. Our collection delights the mind and stimulates the imagination – across the realms of philosophy, history, culture, nature, ad infinitum.

By holding our NFTs, you promote the things that touch your soul, so they may reach and inspire the world.

3Affordable / Stress-Free

How many NFT investors have been burned? A lot. We don't want that to happen to you here. That's why we are pricing our NFTs in a way that is affordable and stress-free. At launch, each NFT costs no more than $9 USD each.

4Beautiful / Inspiring / Positive

All our art pieces are beautiful. We don't accept junk into our collection or into our lives. We work with passion and it shows. Most NFTs are low quality and low effort. We are proud of our collection, and we strive to make you proud as well.

5Upside / Scarcity

We just launched, so you are extremely early. Given the quality of our work and our price points, we believe there is a lot of upside for our collectors. We are here to stay and grow together with you.

6On The Largest Marketplace

Our NFTs are available on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace in the world.

7The Most Important Reason

Here is the final reason why you should hold our NFTs. This is the most important reason.

YouTube Video Link

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